Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A puff..... Thanks.

My last mail order wedding flowers of the season went out on October 25th after a horribly wet cold windy week when what was left in the gardens had to be very resolute to stand up to the battering. The bride, Caroline,  had originally asked me for a selection of flowers that just definitely were not in season, so I had suggested several times that she perhaps ought to find someone else as I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to provide what she wanted, and it would be just awful to send something that was completely off the mark. Happily Caroline persisted, but I was a little worried come the day, and the week of weather as I hate having to send anything out that may be a little damp. But it seems I need not have worried as I received this lovely email today. I'm not sure I deserved it, but it was very pleasing......

Hi Charlie,

Now I am returned from honeymoon, I want to say a very huge Thank You to you for your amazing flowers for my wedding.
The surprise element of my bouquet, the girls posies and the table flowers was one thing I was really looking forward to on the day, and I wasn't disappointed. The flowers were incredible!

They were just what I wanted; incredibly natural looking, beautiful colours and quality, and created so thoughtfully. I couldn't have asked for more.

I would like to send you some photos from the wedding (with the flowers in obviously) when I finally have them, so you can see just how perfect they were in situ.

Thank you so much Charlie for your time, your craftsmanship, your amazing flowers, and overall your patience with me.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to any friend or even passing stranger who is planning a wedding or any other celebration. Your flowers are gorgeous.

All the best, a very happy newlywed,

 Actually, thank YOU Caroline! 

A nice way to end the wedding flower year and I now don't have another wedding until New Years' Eve (challenging) then a Dorset do in mid January. I'm much looking forward to that one as the ceremony is at the divinely beautiful Abbotsbury church, and the reception at Moonfleet Manor which is a wonderful mixture of colonial, baronial and modern, right on the Fleet at the end of Chesil Beach. 

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