Friday, 29 November 2013

Getting ready

Am I getting ready for Christmas or am I getting ready for spring? I am certainly getting excited about the latter - thought I agree that few people could be so excited by this as I am:

You have to look closely but it is the first of the hellebore buds! As I have added another 120 plants to the stock I'm hoping for great things. 75 new roses were supposed to be arriving today but haven't done so, but I hope they won't be too delayed, I may have all their homes dug by the time they appear.
And yesterday it was the first of the Christmas fairs. The picture's blurry, the event was huge - Symondsbury's opening hoorah at the newly done up courtyard tithe barn, cafe, etc etc. A huge project, incredibly smartly executed, a far cry from the former rustic farmstead!

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