Wednesday, 13 November 2013

happy clearing

Last winter I cleared several beds here and found nothing I wanted to keep - thousands of geranium plants were removed and most went to a good home to cover a bank, but also many hundreds of other unwanted uncuttable bit and pieces. In preparation for an influx of hellebores I've been clearing madly and today, underneath mounds of alchemilla, ferns, bergenia, vinca, weeds, I found a mass of still healthy lily of the valley - big hurrah - and a couple of dozen healthy looking eremurus. I certainly can't remember ever seeing either of these here in the past 30 years so they've been hiding very efficiently. Here's hoping they will now flourish. Trouble is, I needed their space for hellebores.

And 75 new roses are arriving in a couple of weeks. And there are perennials to split and more bulbs to plant..... where does time and space go to? I sometimes wish I could stop having new plans and stick to what I've got! But the hellebore plan is to replace tulips as I can't really grow them here, too heavy and wet, and i wanted something else lovely early in the year. Hellebores aren't the easiest cut flowers, but I reckon I'll perfect the art of picking and packing them to keep. I sure hope so.

I was meant to be going to Portland Oregon next week to work with the legendary florist Francoise Weeks, sadly my travelling companion and colleague got serious concussion after a window fell on her head a few weeks ago and can't fly and I felt too much of a heel to go on my own, so we'll go another time. Instead we're going to do some visiting in the UK as I had booked some time out and can't bear to let it pass. And because I'd booked house and dog sitter and certainly can't bear to let that opportunity pass!

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