Friday, 2 September 2011

Field snapshots

A few snaps of what's growing in some parts of the field today - and yes, it would have been better if I'd got the camera out on one of the many days when the sky has been cobalt blue and there's been not a whisper of wind, but I'm afraid I didn't. But you can probably get an idea both of the profusion and the confusion. I haven't shown the dahlia bed, the scruffy shrubs, the far too large patch of supremely beautiful but undersold solidago, the michaelmas daisies or the areas in waiting - half an acre roughly cultivated waiting for compost next month and then to be put down to yet more tulips and dozens of new roses, another large patch currently resting under landscape fabric waiting for hydrangeas, and lots of patches just, well, waiting.

So many ideas at the moment but not time to put any of them into action yet. I've got a serious case of my typical gardener's disease at the moment, a huge dose of enthusiasm about what I can do next and better rather than sorting out lots of what I probably should be doing now! I can hardly wait to see what the field will be looking like this time next year.......

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