Thursday, 29 September 2011

Late Sept wedding

The first photo from C and E's wedding on Saturday. A good sprinkling of cornflowers in predominantly green and white was the brief, fairly traditional but on the wilder side,  and I had sown loads of late cornflowers that I had hoped would be out for that weekend, but they are just budding nicely this week so one week too late. Happily we still have hundreds of others, they just take a bit of picking through at this time of year.
When I thought about it earlier in the year I would never have expected to have roses or clematis flowering away now, it definitely has been a fantastic year for flowers, we still have a field full, it's terribly exciting to see how different everything is year on year. But then I'm already wondering if next year might be disastrous as this year has been so floriferous, the joys of working for yourself never wane!

This weekend we are on multicoloured seasonal flowers for an intimate wedding near here, and greens and pinks and whites plus loads of berries and grasses for one rather farther away......

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