Saturday, 3 September 2011

Rabbits and vegetables

Home this evening after another busy wedding day, when there's a rap on the door. It's my wonderful legal poachers, lads from the Valleys who come up from time to time to help control the rabbits, sometimes they bring guns, sometimes ferrets, sometimes lamps, sometimes dogs, probably sometimes the whole shebang. The older man has a fruit and veg business and tonight he also brings me a sack of new spuds,  a huge bag of plums, onions, carrots, turnips, spring onions, two cabbages, damsons, pears, bananas....... Looks like rabbit stew and a massive fruit pud will be on the menu any day now!

Though I'm not sure about the plums, especially as my preserving pan has been on every evening this week making all manner of plum preserves to try to use up my own plum glut. I already have pots and pots of damson cheese, plum cheese, spiced plum and herb jelly, pickled plums (i.e. nothing where the fruit need stoning!) and my massive old pear tree is also dripping with fruit though I'm not doing so well with apples.

Oh and I've already pigged out today on scrumptious yellow autumn raspberries. Gluts are wonderful for gluttons like me!

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