Monday, 12 September 2011

weddings, wind and worry

I arrived at Llanstephan church about 9.30 on Saturday to put in a large urn on a pedestal for Hannah and Adrian's wedding and hang a garland plus some bits and pieces. Flower choice was wildish, pastel and silvery foliage. A group of black suited people turned up, and didn't seem entirely friendly which was odd as people round there are usually only too happy to chat and chat and chat. I thought maybe they were a choir coming to practice... then the organist appeared while I was busy making a bit of a mess with the urn up by the altar. She started playing. I said how lovely it always is to be in the church when the organist comes to practice. She said nothing. So, slightly surprised at the choice of music she was practising (Abide with me didn't seem terrifically jolly for a wedding though I could see the sentiment would work) I said "What other hymns are they having?". Oh only the one, she said. And said no more.  Bemused, I look up to see the priest hurrying up the aisle. "I think it would be respectful for you to get out now please?".....No-one had told me there was a memorial service at 10.00!

Meanwhile Ben and Lotte were getting married in my local church (but they booked after Hannah so we did their flowers the day before), with wild and seedy things in the church and structural mustards and blues and lime greens in the marquee. Alice was having an incredibly laid back and extremely bright diy affair up the road (an excuse for whole bouquets of zinnias for the bridesmaids) , and Kate was having a very subtly coloured bluey green, dull pinks and purples post wedding party in Stroud. I think all went off well. 

Last night the wind blew so hard (again) that I lay awake worrying whether the tunnel would still be there this morning. I sneaked out at first light, braving the rain and gales to find the tunnel was fine BUT an unexpected menace was appearing. A tree had blown down in the hedge and the sheep in the next field had obviously just woken up, found the gap and decided breakfast looked pretty damn tasty in the flower field. Thank heavens I rose early.... two mad hours then followed trying to haul wire and poles from the other end of the field against the gale (typically, everything was in totally the wrong place and it took me twenty minutes each time to push a barrow from one end of the field to the other as I was pushing straight into the wind) and make good for the time being. 

And now some happy snaps of flowers from the wedding three weeks ago, the one for which we planted wildflowers outside the tent. The bouquet shown here was one of the bridesmaids', I'm asking for some of the bride and the whole bridal party as it was all very cheery.......

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