Sunday, 3 February 2013

Joys and annoyances

Last week I decided there was no longer any point in getting annoyed about the lack of phone and broadband (67 days now and counting) but I should instead treat it as an enforced holiday and relax about it. It definitely is very relaxing not having a telephone, or internet. It is quite odd. But I'm afraid it is also very frustrating. The pluses sometimes outweigh the minuses, and I think it would all be bearable if I didn't need to work! However.....

Apparently BT are laying me 220 metres of cable on Tuesday. That seems a bit extreme. And I won't hold my breath. I had just arranged to get a satellite service installed instead but am holding fire on that for a few more days now.

I wish I was better at labelling. I can't tell which of my muddy lumps of perennials in the bags and boxes are phlox, solidago or asters at the moment. And I can't for the life of me recognise the sanguisorbas that I am sure I brought, and seem to have lost a whole box of philadelphus somewhere betwixt and between. There's still nowhere to home them anyway, it's amazing how much space they take up once you start to work it all out! I'm currently trying to work out if I could dig up more lawn for roses as I've been told that there is much more of a deer problem than I thought in the adjacent field. I'm sure all will work out eventually, I'm so much more relaxed than usual having had enforced down time that I'm almost horizontal and can't quite worry about it YET. I should be worrying a lot. I'm sure the bank are worrying.....

I have had a fantastically joyful show of hyacinths inside this year, I started loads off early then held them back and have been putting them out gradually. The last bowlful will still be flowering next weekend I think, then that\'s it. They've been going from the second week of December so that's a pretty good run.

And the puppy brings joy and chaos in equal measure. Joyful chaos.


  1. The hyacinths are just gorgeous! I'm reading your blog in an attempt to stay calm and relaxed whilst waiting for an overdue baby to appear! So far it's working so thanks. I hope your bt problem gets sorted, what a nightmare!

  2. I hope the baby arrives today - Good Luck, what a totally joyous event!