Tuesday, 5 February 2013

From optimism....

Monday was a gorgeous day here. We chopped down a macrocarpa hedge to let the light in to a recently dug area, sky was blue, bonfire was enormous, there was promise of high winds to dry out the ground, even thoughts of planting....

Then I awoke to sleet this morning, and it didn't change.

Meanwhile, where were those 220 metres of cable I had been promised by BT? Not here, certainly.  Word from the team at the MPs office is that they are doing something about it tomorrow. I feel I've been here before.

The sad thing is that I probably wouldn't even be this near to the vague possibility of connection were it not for intervention by the MP's office, providing high level hassle. I can't believe I am the only customer Bt treat with such an extraordinarily cavalier attitude.  I got onto the ombudsman's office too, and got a reply telling me to log on to BT customer complaints...... odd to suggest a solution to not having the internet is to go to the internet I think. But I suppose I can just about get on to some sites, it takes about 20 minutes of trying for example to get onto my own, and I've worked out it takes about 11 minutes for any email to appear in my inbox (Sorry, but there has been a lot of hanging around waiting for things to come through, it is deeply sad that I have worked out the timings I know......)

It will be good just to get on with life and work without comunication issues. I'd rather be thinking hello flowers hello trees and all that.

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