Thursday, 7 February 2013

Time lag

Latest from BT is that they found some silt in a box somewhere so it could take up to 12weeks now as some other department have to get on to some other department who have to get on to some other department who have to eventually commission a man with a shovel. marvellous. 12 weeks would mean one dead business. So I am getting a satellite system installed at considerable cost next week. but no landline.

My language when even thinking about BT is not good.

Still very claggy underfoot, resorted today to hurling crocosmia straight into the clay and mulching well. It will either work or it won't.  And I found the phlox finally, can't think how I had managed to mislay them earlier.

Loads of crocus in the wild garden, loads of snowdrops and some small daffodils. It's very exciting looking at a new garden. Apparently my old one is also beginning to wake up, I'm up there the week after next, rather looking forward to it, and will be removing another van load of plants as I keep thinking of vital things I have left behind. Although I'll be getting things picked from there for a while I do rather want them in the Dorset garden now.


  1. I feel for you, Charlie. It makes you realise how powerless you are when it comes to big organisations who can basically just do what they like. As for planting into the clay - my field is very heavy clay and the no-dig thing means that in effect I have done exactly what you are planning without any apparent adverse effect. Good luck! Jan

  2. Thanks Jan, I veer between tearing my hair out and irresponsibly enjoying the fact I am communication free. Very bad for business but when I'm not having to hassle about it being free of interruption or possible computer stuff is awfully good for the soul. It would be a lot better if the weather was kinder so I could be outside more. And as I can't even get onto online banking I can't even worry about all the horrors that must be happening to my lac of funds while I fail to move on to earn any more. I've a feeling the bank will track me down soon!

    Latest news on the BT front is that they will be starting to sort it out today, then laying cable next week but I don't think i have any reason to believe them. However, MP got onto CEO of BT who seems to have kicked some arse down here. Only a couple of months late. We'll see. Tragic when the only way to get something done is to endlessly hassle at the highest level, a Parliamentary team have been on the case for over three weeks too trying to get some action, it's nuts. Just as well I have had the time to hassle rather than squelching through the gardens!

    As to heavy clay, well I was heavy clay before too but it drained as I was on a hill, here I'm in a marsh but it just requires a bit of lateral thinking and I'm sure all will be well, as you say, though everything might take a bit longer than I had hoped. It IS fantastic being on a level site, having spent years pushing barrows up and down a hill, so that's a definite plus (although I can't actually push a barrow at the moment as it just sinks into a slushy muddy rut wherever you go!). Lots of pluses in fact, I can't wait to get stuck in but it is raining again. Two largely white dogs have just returned from the field as very smelly black dogs.