Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Garden changes

Still no landline. Still no broadband. Still no assurances.

Never mind technology or the weather, there are hedges to move.

I felt a bit guilty hacking down a collapsed lonicera hedge that had formed its own extraordinary cloud shape, and was much loved by my family. But it was, I'm afraid, in the wrong place. The gardens here were lovely, but gardens always change under new ownership and here is no different. Its demise has revealed an extra 2m width of stone paving- although the hedge was over 2m wide it was growing from a little slit trench.

And tomorrow I try to move a beech hedge to open up a new entrance, replacing the hedge at right angles 50 feet further back... OK so the hedge is mature, getting on for 30 years old, but it has never thrived in the shade of a huge beech tree, it is shallow rooted, the ground is exceptionally wet, I see no reason why we can't get a digger to scoop it out section by section and replant it in a new trench? I probably won't know if it's taken for several years, it has to be worth a punt......

Meanwhile I have managed to replant most phlox, and eryngium, and some shady numbers, but not much else. It continues to be wet wet wet. So wet that I drove my car into a puddle on Sunday and it has not worked since. Wet West Dorset.

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