Monday, 7 December 2009

Big day in the packing shed

A late order came in on Thursday afternoon for over 2000 ilex stems and 45 Christmas arrangements. I don't have the required quantities but found a Uk supplier to provide all the ilex, and we used eryngium, seed heads, hazel, eucalyptus and other bits and pieces in the arrangements. So it was one of those 4am starts as everything has to be made, packed and sent out on the same day to arrive tomorrow. As it's the season for flu and general busy-ness I couldn't get my usual help but thanks so much to totally wonderful Val for stepping in and being generally brilliant. Other help was very well-meaning but I concentrated on packing the arrangements and general sorting and sadly the berries did not get well packed as I took my eye off what was going on, and by the time I got back to them most had been packed without appropriate wrapping so I'm afraid there will be considerable berry fall on their journey from here to store.

It's sometimes hard to accommodate every request however much I want to, and I do feel a bit fed up that everything wasn't as perfect as I would have liked, but the reality is that there are only so many hours in the day and sometimes late requests are hard to fit in - this would have been fine if my usual help had been available and I definitely did the best I could to get everything out, but it is a bit frustrating when everything isn't perfect. I never thought of myself as a control freak before but I realise I can get a bit scary when I'm on a mission to get through a big job!

Sorry no photos, I would love to have taken some as there's little more impressive than a lovely bulk order of flowers going out, but there was scarcely time to breathe let alone heft a camera. Once again, I make a mental note to do better.....


  1. Well done for taking the order on and completing it! Perhaps a few berries did get lost in translation - but I'm sure the end result was still great - and greatly appreciated. I'm making wreaths and arrangements on a very small scale here on the edge of wet and windy Dartmoor....and looking forward with gritted teeth to the few dry days our local weather man has promised me!!

  2. Thanks Rowena. Yes I'm looking forward to those dry days too and wondering if the bulbs will ever get in the ground.... But it is quite good to get into the office for a day and look at sorting out some of those million things on the guilt pile before getting back to the mud!