Monday, 14 December 2009

Wiltshire Winter Wedding

What a lovely one to finish the year - bride and groom wanted all natural, just home grown and hedgerow so we went to town dressing the main beam with ivies, spindle, honesty, eryngium and allium heads, mistletoe, jewel-like bryony berries.... there was a huge basket of different dogwoods and magnificent seedheads by the registrar's table and dogwood decorated hoops. Then the long tables were full of ivies and seedheads, and other beams were garlanded with greenery and seedheads. Buttonholes were (rather spiky) eryngiums, bouquets were from the hedgerows and a few hellebores and late late stocks. Every place name on the tables was attached with a silk thread to seedheads of poppies, scabious, eryngiums, nigella that I had supplied weeks before.

Camera had a fit as too often but I am promised a whole set of photos later which will go up here or on my new revamped website when I get round to revamping it as son as possible.

But the star of the decorations was nothing to do with me, it was the cake - the groom is an artist with a fascination for pillboxes so he had made an industrial style metal cake holder and the bride's mother had made cakes decorated with dark grey and white icing, the whole surrounded with pillbox-style undergrowth that rather matched the tone of all the other decorations. I thought it was fantastic!

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