Saturday, 5 December 2009

hooping it up

There's a new gallery in town, and at the last minute they were let down by someone who was going to add decorative touches so they asked me if I could pop some christmas bits and pieces in to add a different tone. I scratched my head for an hour or two and came up with some rather funky (I think) dogwood and hedgerow hoops. They were great fun to do so I am now doing some for Christmas for other customers too and they seem to be going down rather well. But it is astonishing how much material it takes to make a few, I thought I had picked enough dogwoods for dozens but was scurrying back with my snips after only three or four.... I combined the dogwood with lots of spindle and hedgerow finds and I think they will look rather splendid in a really urban setting - by a stroke of luck I sent some (other) images to a business customer and they are interested in having them next year.... I hope my sea of dogwoods recover from their severe haircuts and flourish all the better!

I did a lovely local Christmas market today, very jolly and very festive, so it feels like Christmas is coming. I elected to do very few christmas events this year as I am busy with other orders and a wedding next weekend but I do appreciate that I am missing some good selling opportunities. But sometimes it feels wiser to say no, and I can't easily organise to do christmas markets and send out flowers to private customers and fulfil business orders without bringing in lots more help so I decided to concentrate on keeping regulars and mail order supplied. As it is we have got a rush order for next Monday that I want to fulfil but it is quite hard to juggle everything that is already going on to fit in arranging and packing an extra 50 boxes and sending out bought in British stems in another 50.... But it is fantastic that we do get requests, thanks so much to all our customers.

A piece of exciting news that is nothing to do with the business is the fact that we won the Hay Winter Festival annual quiz last night. Hoorah! I confess I inveigled myself months ago onto a fiercely brilliant team of three highly intelligent men with vast swathes of knowledge between them, who happened to have a spare place as one of their usual team members couldn't attend. So I didn't really have to contribute as much as I should have done.... Oh and they have won three of the past four events! I got rather overexcited, drank far too much mulled wine and whooped and punched the air in a very un-British manner, it was a hoot - thanks guys!

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