Wednesday, 9 March 2011

divided opinion

I was misguided! The worst thing about perennials is also that you have to divide them.... half of yesterday was spent slicing through great clumps and feeling awfully guilty that I hadn't done it last year. And when I got to the kniphofias I just didn't have the strength. If anyone lives nearby I have some of these spectacular fat orange hot pokers for grabs but I'm afraid I never knew their name, they came from rather a grand garden that new owners had taken over from someone who worked as a conservation gardener for the National Trust where there were some rather good plants. When they wanted rid of some of these I volunteered to home them as I certainly had the space but I'm afraid I never got to love them and now they're out.

But it was a spectacular day. As a relief from slicing I became obsessed by willows.

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