Monday, 21 March 2011

tally ho

Mouse tally in the tunnel so far 11. Seedlings looking decidedly happier!

What wonderful weather this week. The weekend was spent in my favourite activity, the annual rotovate of the annual beds. My trusty rotovator is still off being mended, I'm not quite sure where it is, the chap who delivers my mushroom compost took it away for his son to renovate some weeks or possibly months ago and I did say no rush but now can't seem to raise him. Ah well, I'm sure all will be well. So I hired the monster hydraulic machine which is huge fun as it is such a big beast, the one you can hang off the handlebars with both feet off the ground, but I have to say that cornering is a bit troublesome, it takes a lot of reversing and straightening out, about a ten point turn just to get back into line. But very satisfactory!

Narcissi are opening everywhere, and the great excitement for me is the opening of the first of the bulk tulips. And the chance to use my favourite antique tulip jug for flowers in the house. Unfortunately the first ones are not my favourites, short rather strangely-coloured pinkish yellowish affairs but with the most amazing black centres when they open like huge stars in the sun. The next ones, lovely cream scented doubles, are all covered in fleece as I am hoping (possibly against hope) they will do their thing by next weekend for a huge wedding. But it is very much fingers and toes crossed. I planted beautiful double whites in the tunnel specially for the day, for the bouquets, but they are opening now and will be past their best by the required day if it stays so sunny. I realise it can be hard getting everything to do its thing at the right time at the beginning of the season. And I have actually begun to get a little stressed about it but what will be will be........ I'm not yet quite sure what Plans B, C and D are, but I'm sure they will reveal themselves!

Seeds sown too early are already leggy in the tunnel so I have had to fill every available space in the beds by planting them out as they are far too early to go outside. Damn. It is just too tempting to get things going too early.

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