Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring Fairs

Publicity material just in for the Red Cross Fair on May 5th. If you've never been, it is probably the one fair you should try to get to, brimful of many of the best small independent nurseries from all over the Midlands and South West. It's at Hampton Court Castle again, but we are all assured there won't be a repeat of the occasion when so many people headed for the event that all roads round about were jammed solid and some people sat in traffic jams and eventually turned round and went home. This year different systems are in place and it is going to be superbly organised with proper traffic organisation so please do put it in your diaries if you can make it.

I'll be majoring on tulips that week. I'm hoping for a good selection still standing then, all should be fine as we do have at least 15,000 in the ground here. I do so love tulips!

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