Sunday, 6 March 2011

Marching on

Photos from a Barnsley House wedding are out in a wedding mag and up on site. I hope the delightful bride and groom do not one day regret the very vintage style of  the photos.

I can't believe we're striding through March already. It seems too quick... After a few lovely days the frosts here have been really severe for the past few nights, the ground in the field still frozen well in to the day. I spent a glorious afternoon dividing perennials on Friday when it was such a perfect afternoon that I just couldn't bring myself to come in until I just couldn't move any more. I was rather creaky yesterday.

I am obsessing with working out quite how to make a very stable freestanding arch for a church entrance where there are no fixings, the entrance is narrow and the arch is high. It's also several hundred miles away so I can't just slip round there and check I'm getting it right. I don't suppose anyone has had an arch fall on their head yet but I really don't want to be the first!

Rabbit fencing is still not up despite endless promises from the guy who's doing it. Serves me right for being too lazy to sort out doing it myself I guess. Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail are having too many parties with their friends and families and my splendid legal poachers from the valleys haven't been up lately.  Bunnies' favourite perennials are so far solidago and campanula, and they just love digging up shrubs. Tulips appear neither tasty not interesting to dig.

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