Tuesday, 5 April 2011

awful bloomer

The worst thing happened, this is the letter I had to send out to all MD customers as I had no idea who got the good and who got the bad bunches. I realised the disaster when I went out to the packing shed on Monday morning and spent all yesterday and so far today trying to sort it all out. I feel pretty damn bad......
Dear Customers,
This is to apologise that some very poor quality flowers were mistakenly sent to some customers for Mothering Sunday. It should never have happened but I left the flower elements to helpers as I was organising a big wedding in Suffolk and I obviously did not leave clear instructions. So some of your mothers will have received the right selection of flowers but I'm afraid some will have received ones that were not meant for sending but were rejected from the wedding flowers (where they were meant to be fully open for one day only on some of the garlands) - I realised the mix up when i returned late on Sunday night to find many of the good longlasting tulips that should have been sent were still in buckets when I returned, and the others were nowhere to be seen....

It should never have happened, I can only apologise wholeheartedly to those of you who got a bad service. It was not the fault of my helpers who I am sure tried their best but had not been put on the spot before without me or longterm helper`Meg somewhere at hand (she was scheduled in to supervise but had to go to a family funeral) so of course the blame is all mine. I know it cannot make amends but if any of you would like me to send more flowers to your mothers please let me know and I shall do so, or please let me send another order for you at any time at no charge - just email me with the order details when you would like me to do this for you.

With very many apologies, and assurances that this is very definitely not my usual service.


  1. You poor thing - what a nightmare! If it helps, I read somewhere that customers are more loyal to a company which treats them well after mucking up than if they had just got good service in the first place. Jan x

  2. Thanks for that Jan, actually most people have been incredibly kind and told me not to beat myself up about it too much, I've sent lots more bunches but I'm still a bit freaked out about it all!