Saturday, 16 April 2011

wedding today

Beautiful day for a wedding, this week a less complicated affair, no candelabras to be seen though Naomi did ask for circular low arrangements with candles as the beautiful dining hall at Penrhos is dark and atmospheric. Last night Bill Tingey came and took pix of bouquets etc as I was getting ready and came to Penrhos this morning so there will be some proper photos from him soon, but this time I did remember to take a camera for snaps as well as a photographer. So here's a few of my dashed off murky snaps for now -  and the hanging decs in the church did have their ugly strings changed, and after the service they were to double up as windowsill decorations back at the house.

Oh it is so lovely when there is so much to pick in field and hedgerow once again, good old nature's bounty. And lovely to get to use some mad tulips sometimes, as well as my favourite elegant tall white lily shaped ones.....

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