Tuesday, 5 April 2011


So many tulips now blooming. The double yellow vanilla scented and/or pointy dull pinks should have gone out in the Saturday bunches... I love the scented ones more than any, they get stronger and stronger as they age and are really strongly scented when they turn almost pure white and fade. Heaven. They are all at least two weeks earlier than last year which is a surprise, and may all come at once if the weather turns very warm again.

Younger dog is in season and has to be watched like a hawk.

Diane has got the tunnel looking wonderfully organised and we're finally sowing outside tomorrow.


  1. Wow it all looks immaculate, so impressed/depressed my patch doesn't have the same sense of order!

  2. So glad you are feeling cheerier - I have tunnel envy, all looks fab

  3. Thanks, I think I have tunnel envy too, I want more now as Diane is so obviously in her element out there...well I can but dream!

  4. Oh and I only showed the tidy bits, I laughed about the immaculate concept, I don't think anyone could ever call it that here, most is I'm afraid a lot more chaotic....