Thursday, 7 April 2011

poor pictures but the basic idea

Well I was relying on son Joe who is usually rather a good photographer but he says his are unimpressive so here are just a few snaps from last weekend to give some idea. I am assured good ones will appear, and I'm sure they will as I rather bludgeoned the official wedding photographer to take lots of flowery ones before the event proper kicked off. So please be patient!

Much prettier than it looks here, a mass of hellebores - had to be low as it was rows of packed chairs then standing room only behind the font.

Imogen looking uncharacteristically grumpy as we try to prepare the arch on a doorway with no fixings at all!

tall sconces - we kept them quite small and tidy as we knew the church would be rammed and decided that fascinators and hats tangled with flowers would possibly not be a bonus!

hard to tell but there were about 30 candelabras interspersed with candlesticks - a good thing as it turned out as the generator broke down half way through the evening so the candles were more necessary than just decorative!

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