Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bright or pale?

Bit of a dilemma at this time of year, shall we go bright, shall we go pale? Happily I seem to have customers wanting both, but my mind definitely changes from day to day.  When my seed sown dahlias first came up I wondered what on earth I had sown as they looked a bit dodgy, but now I'm rather in love with them, especially the oranges with quill like petals.... but on the other hand I love the beautiful pink dahlias too, or the almost black ones with black stems, or the white ones with black foliage, or the luminous reds, and the purple and white cactus types, and the sulphur yellows, even the little tomato lookalikes have a certain appeal. But now I'm not sure about the zinnias. They just could be a bit in the face for me - they're fab for buttonholes but I don't think I really need hundreds of plants just for a few buttonholes.

So if any one needs extra zinnias, mine is the place to get them! (actually that goes for dahlias at the moment too, and I've probably got a bit of a surplus of amazing solidago, and deep pink asters, and larkspur and yellow/green centred rudbeckia and bronze rudbeckia and annual shaggy headed mixed asters and gypsophila.......)

At my mother's house again today, looking at her Saturday paper's magazine cover and wondering how Barbara Streisand now looks like Jennifer Aniston who must be a good twenty-five years younger than her? Curious.  (But when I look in the mirror I just wonder how I got to look like my mother who is thirty years older than me!)


  1. Charlie, they all look lovely. I'm not sure about Zinnias either. I'm growing them for the first time, although they haven't done very well. 'Purple Prince' turned out to be a single bright pink.

  2. It's great having the space and the inclination to grow whatever I fancy trying, but sometimes I think I'm just plain wrong! Zinnias just don't do it for me, they kind of look as though they've been flown in from Columbia or goodness knows where even though they're growing like mad here, I think I might not grow them again but I thought that about mad seed grown dahlias a few weeks ago and now I'm terrifically keen on them, so perhaps I'll feel differently in a few weeks - I do tend to change my mind according to what orders come in, right now I'm kicking myself that I didn't grow more cream and green now as various autumn brides want what I consider spring colours.... hard to get it right I think!