Saturday, 13 August 2011


Once in a while the timing works out just about right. We sowed the seed for this wedding on an organic farm nearby on April 23rd, which I thought would work out about right for a wedding today. And thank heavens, it did. OK some more sunflowers still to come but I think that's because one of the helpers sowed them so close on one side they haven't had much of a chance, but really that's a tiny little quibble. But I don't know if I would do it for people I didn't know, just in case it didn't work so well!

The hanging globe looks disappointingly tiny but is actually a good 2.5metres across, it's quite a big dome tent! Otherwise I went for a good mixture of everything as Clare wanted bright not pastel and a total mix. It was rather a joy to do. I'm looking forward to proper pix and of the church which we did out good and proper....

 The groom really wanted sweet peas, so they just went on the top table. Otherwise there were lots of dahlias of all sorts and colours, plus many zinnias and other little hot treasures in the very wide mix and we must have used about 500 stems of dill and ammi in the church and elsewhere and about the same of achillea in the archway as I wanted to use dark pinkish reds as the base to contrast with the yellows of the wildflowers.


  1. For some reason the comments bit of the blog is only working sporadically but thanks to all of you who have commented on this. And in brief

    1. Not actually stressful once the decision was made
    2. Huge dollop of luck
    3. Yes I do believe I am doing it all again (must be nuts)
    4. Organic mixed corn marigolds cornflowers poppies from Cotswold Seeds and organic black seeded sunflowers
    5. The mixed seed is blooming pricey. Sunflowers are cheap as chips.

  2. This venue looks wonderful - I am looking for somwehere exactly like this for my wedding reception next year. Do you remember the name of the venue?

  3. The flowers were done specially for a private customer. Theya re possibly thinking of setting up a proper venue there, and the flowers were part of a trial for that, but I'm not sure yet. I'll be speaking to them soon and will let you know - but of course it also would depend on the time of year of your wedding to see what was possible......