Monday, 15 August 2011

Goodbye to my dear companion

Sunday August 14th. Not a good day. Today my dear dear delightful kind and slightly eccentric beautiful old dog Maya went to her final resting place below the mint and hydrangeas. She has been with me almost every day for the past almost 13 years and she has been so very much loved. I shall miss her. Her daughter Mouse already misses her as they have never ben apart for more than a few hours. The house and gardens will feel very empty. Thank you Maya, you have been wonderful.


  1. We lost our older dog almost a year ago, and we still miss her terribly, despite having the younger one and now a puppy, too. I do feel for you.

  2. Thanks for kind words, and thanks to emailers too - I think it is the worst thing about having animals, having to be responsible at the end, and knowing she had a good life somehow just isn't enough at the moment. I guess I'll wait a while before getting a pup but really hope that one of Mouse's puppies (Maya's grandchildren) will produce in the next six months as I would love to have another generation running around the field in due course. But meanwhile, there's a gap.