Monday, 8 August 2011


I think the lovely Lottie and Jake's wedding could be fairly described as "vintage" - marquee in a glorious garden by Hampstead heath where Lottie's grandmother has lived for 52 years, it felt like heaven, the glorious feeling of a well-loved and well-lived in home where several generations have been married. I majored on jugs, and was thrilled to be able to include my all time favourite summer flowers, white corncockles which are just so delicate and rather ephemeral, five creamy white petals with the centres flecked with gold. That's one of the lovely things about growing my own, I grow things that I love, and if I don't get the chance to use them because of the weather or whatever then that's sort of fine because I love them, but if I get the chance to spread them around, so much the better!

Back in the gardens I'm also rather in love with nicotianas, pick them and the house if full ever evening with a wonderful vanilla scent.  And dahlias are coming into their own, I have some that are frankly hideous, but I won't show you those as they will probably be destined for the compost heap and I'll never grow them again, but some are just lovely.

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  1. The flowers were stunning, really added to the atmosphere of the wedding. We continued to enjoy the arrangements for over a week following the wedding and, three weeks later, a few stalks are still going strong among blooms I've cut from my own garden. Amazing! Yours, Mother-of-the-groom ...