Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Surely some mistake

Among the slew of unwanted approaches came this one from a PR firm. Would you want these people to publicise your business?

Hi there,

Would you like to generate more press coverage for Real Cut Clower Garden?

Pressloft is an online PR resource that offers an affordable way to generate press coverage. We help companies like 
Real Cut Clower Garden to secure coverage in magazines and newspapers by giving you simple tools that put your products in front of the press.
Services we offer: 

Image Loft: Online image library, upload up to 100 images, journalist then download your product images to feature in their articles.Release Loft:  Press release distribution. Send releases using our easy online system to all our opt-in journalists.Request Loft Receive journalist requests for products and information and respond directly to journalists.
Web Loft:
 Create your own online branded press office so you can provide images and press releases to journalists visiting your own site.
Calendar Loft: 
Calendar Loft leads are date and trend alerts which allow you to write timely and seasonal press release at the right time to maximise press coverage.

We are currently receiving lots of requests from our database of over 4,000 registered journalists looking for flowers to feature in their articles for which we think Real Cut Clower Garden would be ideal.

We are currently offering all interested companies a 3 month FREE TRIAL to all of our services!

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