Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day course September 10th Open Garden this weekend

Finally fitted in a date for a Planning a Cutting Garden day here - September 10th 10.30 - 4.30ish.

And it's our Open Garden this Sunday afternoon. I'm slightly concerned people will be disappointed as it's rather in-betweenish at the moment but I hope there's still plenty of interest....

Fantastic to have rain last night as I was on the brink of having to water things, which I do very reluctantly. I should have hundreds of fab glads now but they re understandably disappointing this year as I moved them from their established patch into the new bit, rather late, and gave them no help or water. But I'm fairly confident they will be good again next year. That's one of the wonderful things about gardens, there's always next year!

Scabious are looking wonderful now, dahlias doing their thing, delphiniums returning, lots of asters coming on, first crop of eryngiums nearly over but I'm hoping for another flush later on, still more larkspur coming on, lovely clear yellow tall rudbeckias but rather bashed over last night (and as they're about 8 feet tall they bash over quite easily) plus others, heleniums galore, good crocosmias at various stages, nice plum coloured seedheads from my favourite Nigella... lots of good creamy Ammi Visnaga but only a couple of plants of the really green form, why is it that so often the things one wants most are the shyest?

Visited Noel Kingsbury's garden for the first time in ages this weekend and feel very insignificant, his is looking wonderfully mature and grown up (and grown-up) now. Amazing plant forms. And his hornbeam hedge is about three feet taller than mine which I felt totally depressed about until he said he had put it in two winters before mine, I should stop being so impatient......


  1. Hope the open day goes well, Charlie. I'm busy Sunday but otherwise would have loved to come and see your set-up. Whenever I am feeling down about the whole growing thing I find the pictures of your gardens incredibly inspiring - although I must admit to being slightly peeved that you manage to keep your ammi going so late. Mine refuses to do much after July. Jan

  2. Thanks Jan - I'm sure you have masses of things going now that have finished here ages ago too! Come up another time....C

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