Monday, 16 August 2010

Open Garden Day

Sun shone, lots of people came and we raised over £1100 for Macmillan, and more to come from various bits and pieces for the local Laurie Engel fund. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I'm hoping someone will send me some pictures as I didn't quite get around to taking any as I was too busy chatting (and am hoarse today!). Derry Watkins Special Seeds went down a treat, in fact so well that by the time I got round to trying to purchase many of my chosen varieties were Sold Out, I was delighted she had a good afternoon as she drove several hours to appear here... Lawton Hall Herbs also had a fab selection, and the Teas were a triumph - special thanks to daughter Rowan, her partner Dan and their two friends Suzie and Adam who not only manned the urn and cakes but cleared up the Flower House beforehand so it was totally transformed. Shelley Faye Lazaar has a secret talent, not only does she create beautiful hand painted textiles, she makes what is probably the best ginger cake in the world!

I met some great people, and was amazed how far some of you travelled to visit. Lovely to see Barbara from Devon again who came to my hay festival course in 2009 and is growing her own flowers for weddings and planning expansion, also Sue and Mike from North Wales who are about to jump in to cut flower production, and Marie from Derbyshire who trained as a florist but now plans to do the growing too. So much energy out there.

And if any of you have any photos of the day, I'd love it if you could send me a few!

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  1. I'm glad it all went well for you. It sounds like a great day.