Friday, 6 August 2010

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I thought it was going to be a fairly relaxed week, but somehow I've struggled through till Friday and relaxing is not the word to describe how I feel. Try haggard, knackered, and similar epithets. Not helped by recurring hip problem that I've put off doing anything about though all it needs is a visit to the surgery of the hugely long needles then I will be able to run again. Or at least walk round the gardens without wondering if I'm going to make it to the far end and back! Booked in for next week. Then I think I'll take a week off toward the end of this month as it's rarely too busy in August because of holidays and I realise I haven't actually had a day off since March. Which is stupid, and exacerbating the haggard feeling I suspect!

At least feedback got better and better this week, and after the horrible feedback that totally threw me came wonderful remarks from another mother of the bridegroom who had received the same flowers (almost) sent in the same way and almost to the same place so probably travelled in the same van . She apologised for taking a few days to get in touch but said the flowers were totally beautiful and so on. Hmm.

Only just avoided posting disasters at the beginning and end of the week - on Monday I lazily gave the flower parcels to some friends to post as they were passing a PO on their way home and it saved me going into town, but their local post office had stopped the special delivery line half an hour before they got there so I had to get in car, drive like a lunatic over to them (half an hour) to collect packets to try to get them to Hay on time, I got there with two minutes to cut off time. And today Friday I left Fred to put the flower parcels in the van, drove in in rather relaxed chatty manner with 15 minutes leeway. Got to the Post to discover possibly the most important of all the parcels (a bridal bouquet) had been left at home. No leeway. Mad drive back to re-collect. This time there was less than a minute to cut off time when parcel and I got back to the post........ That might teach me to check and doublecheck.

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