Thursday, 26 August 2010

work boots

I know it's a standing joke that us women all love shoes, but good footwear is about the most important kit I need. It's wellies all winter, and as I can't afford le chameau I do stick with barbour as they are the most comfortable although they actually are not as sturdy or longlasting as I would like. But most of the time I wear Blundstone boots because they are supremely comfortable.  I have just had to concede my last pair have reached the end of their life and had to buy more. Don't buy them on eBay, there are some fakes out there that cost as much as the real thing or more, and no need to buy from the "recommended" blunnie suppliers either - I highly recommend Scotlands Outdoor Centre - boots are £75.00 including postage and sent out the day or day after getting the order. Brilliant!

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