Saturday, 28 August 2010

Natural Wedding Company and damp flowers

Lovely to meet Charlie Burton and Nick today who called in after a wedding in Hereford - Charlie set up and runs The Natural Wedding Company so do check out the site which is a really good directory of ethical/eco wedding suppliers, all about beautiful simple or sophisticated reality rather than over the top pressurised wedding planning.....

It continues to rain here, on and off, and is blowing a gale on the field again. It seems calm enough in the cottage garden but crest the brow of the hill and it feels at least 50mph. So I have been experimenting to see what still picks and holds when blasted with rain and wind as there are plenty of weddings coming up and I would like the flowers to look lovely rather than bedraggled! Some of the dahlias that are still standing do OK, some of the clumps of cosmos stay happy but others shrivel and wither almost instantly, some scabious survive happily, cornflowers don't seem too fussy, and the stocks on the field are fine because they are protected by great banks of verbena and falling down larkspur (which lasts two minutes if picked when wet). Even eryngium are not happy, seeming to brown instantly with so much weather. It's all a learning curve but I wouldn't mind less learning sometimes!

I took last week off from mail orders in order to catch up and hoping to pick masses of flowers to dry.... I chose a bad week for it, delphiniums are wet and definitely unpickable and undriable, ditto lomas, molucella, ammis, nigella..... But there are gorgeous asters just coming, and masses more heleniums and lovely rudbeckias, stocks, phlox, echinacea, more cornflowers, outrageous dahlias, delphiniums in waiting for a dry day or three, scabious, sweet annie, many pretty things.

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