Wednesday, 4 August 2010

mixed fortunes

Disaster. Got up this morning after sleepless night not sure what I was worrying about but it felt armageddonish. Early to computer. Email One: Complaint from recipient of flowers last Friday who said the loose flowers weren't up to scratch and if they had any photos they would have sent them me to show how awful my flowers were.....
Email Two: Mail from wedding couple saying flowers surpassed all expectations and hope I wouldn't be offended that they had added a bit onto the invoice.
Response. Delighted about email two but somewhow it's email one that gets through to me. I feel like going out of business as suggested immediately. I wish they had phoned me up immediately to say all was not well if it was not well then we could have rushed more flowers to them if necessary. I can't understand what went wrong. I can;t understand why they waited until the middle of the night on Tuesday/Wednesday to send their email. Definitely can't understand how bundles of flowers such as eryngiums, echinops, lavenders, sunflowers, phlox could have been awful but obviously something went horribly wrong.
Must shift that armageddon feeling somehow.

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