Friday, 14 February 2014

weathering the weather

A very pretty little greenhouse, one of my favourite structures here which is attached to the original outbuildings, has stood here for many decades. When my mother moved here in 1978 she had it rebuilt. Almost ten years ago she had it rebuilt again as the cedar wood was beginning to suffer and panes to slip and she didn't want to lose it. I was pleased to have the glass replaced and nails made shipshape on Monday after storms took them out before christmas. On Wednesday gales were so fierce more panes blew out again despite new nails and silicone... Then half an hour ago

and now there is almost nothing left but I can't go out to take a photo let alone clear up as the wind is so fierce round the yard I can't stand up, and fear to be hit by glass or tiles. BASTARD WEATHER

And I've discovered another good reason to paint your walls good colours - it means that those of us who are not flooded from the ground up can see where the wet has poured into the house from the roof down. I had been feeling smug about still having power, then the rain got in.

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