Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Brown spots and BT

A horticultural question: After fantastic health and an initial flush of great productivity many hellebores are browning on leaves and flowers. Is this just the prolonged weather or is it something more serious? I have not seen it before and feel a little anxious as it seems to be sweeping through most hellebore areas, affecting old plants as well as new. Two beds are still completely fine and the new plants started off in gleaming superb health, the established ones have never shown problems before.

The usual BT problems have been occurring with monotonous regularity here - and I know it's wrong to complain because loads of people lost their services completely with all the stormy weather and flooding, but this is normal hassle rather than storm induced. I have suggested they just come clean and tell me they'll never manage to get it right because of geography, distance or whatever but they refuse to go down that route, instead I get threatened with having to pay because it must be my fault somwhere, and endlessly kept waiting for visits that make things no better.
So far four engineers visits for this particular issue. Each one saying something different. Each one blaming the other for not doing the appropriate job and saying I need to see another engineer. I got a letter from BT today about the latest engineer visit which was yesterday (and sorted nothing).

The letter today told me that I was expecting a visit from an engineer yesterday, but if I couldn't make the appointment I should ring them by lunchtime the day before yesterday or pay for a wasted call out. Could I ask them to pay me for time wasting I wonder?

And if they don't confirm by letter they send a message to my landline which a) hasn't been working and b) I don't know how to retrieve them as they don't leave a message on the anserphone but send some voice recognition texty thing and when I punch in what I am told are the relevant numbers for retrieving messages it tells me I don't have that service. Or sometimes they send a text to my mobile. I have no reception here so I don't know they've texted me - the joys of modern communication! It does seem rather unreasonable that those of us with dire service out in the sticks have to pay the same as those with efficient full connectivity.

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