Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Boho and branding

Lovely glimpse of summer on boho wedding blog

Rather cheering considering I am looking out on huge puddles/small lakes of water covering much of the garden, young trees straining and bending as their supports loosen in the saturated ground, twigs and branches roaring around at vaguely ground level. But at least the hellebores are shining out and the witchhazel hs managed to hang on to most of its flowers.

I'm trying to get the right image for publicity for The British Flower School. I am having help from a brilliant pair of young branding impresarios at

but I have been informed that my reactions need honing.
 For example, Joe gathered pages of different visual approaches from all sorts of websites to see which look might appeal and which might not. When I said "I can't bear that sort of thing, it makes me feel sick." he suggested that was not a helpful approach but I needed to explain why it made me feel sick...... 
Actually horribly interesting to see my prejudices laid bare!

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