Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tears and cake

The lovely old greenhouse got blasted just before christmas and has been covered with tarpaulins since then, reroping them regularly but last week they ripped to shreds so Monday was spent having all the missing panes and cracked glass replaced, renailed and so on. It was such a pleasure to see it back to health.

This morning I was almost sanguine sitting indoors watching huge clay ridge tiles careening off the roof, along with others, smashing into a million pieces on the garden paths. The wind was so fierce and noisy I didn't even hear the crashing. I kept thinking "I'm so lucky, we're not flooded out" (just lots and lots of standing water on grass and beds and the pond has increased at least 600 per cent to cover most of the wild garden) and kept the dogs indoors so they wouldn't be attacked by flying tiles.

Unable to stay in any longer, at lunchtime I went out. The back yard was covered in shattered glass. The greenhouse almost glass-free. I was not sanguine. I wept.

And retreated back indoors to bake a large comfort cake. While it was baking I went out with shovel and broom but had to come back in as one of the remaining panes took direct aim.

Cake was a good solution, I have eaten a lot.

But at least I am not flooded?

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