Monday, 10 February 2014

What's the rush?

Am I alone in panicking slightly at the lack of progress outside owing to a little bit of weather? And why am I panicking? It's only the beginning of February for heaven's sake, we should all be sitting with our feet up by the fire reading books and occasionally contemplating seed catalogues, but instead somehow somewhere in the ether (or possibly the twittotwattoblogosphere) is a feeling of urgency, that we should be getting on faster faster faster.

After some hours in the garden today without being blasted by wind or rain I calmed down a bit and realised that this time last year I hadn't got anything into last year's new beds, that I hadn't even constructed the parking area and surrounding growing space, that there was no patch in the field even cultivated, that no trees had been planted.... And I actually did feel a whole lot better, there is no point worrying about being unable to get onto this year's new beds which are still just huge lumps of sodden clay, no worry about clearing other areas yet. No point worrying about getting seeds going as it is the beginning of February. It's better to enjoy the snowdrop, the crocuses, the hellebores, the newly flowering pulmonaria, the wafts of scent from various shrubs.

I will inevitably get a bit behind as I am about to vanish from the gardens for a couple of weeks, probably just when the weather picks up, but think how long last year's winter went on and yet it became the most glorious year ever in the garden.

Time is on our side, oh yes it is.

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