Sunday, 2 February 2014


These days I do wash my hands before I bake bread - there was a time when I used the dough kneading as useful swarfega. A friend pointed at my piano yesterday and asked me if I played often. I opened my hands and explained that it was noe only occasionally and definitely only for personal pleasure as my hands are now more than extremely workwomanlike and not exactly delicate instruments.....

I'm on the look out for a good and inexpensive camera, my Canon EOS has died and needs several hundreds spent to bring it back to health so it is definitely time for a different approach but I do need something rather more than an iphone. As soon as possible.

My March 24th course has been so oversubscribed that some people have been rearranged for another day. I do believe that many people want to be pointed to a garden fit for cutting rather than cutting plants fit for a garden....... If you want to start a business then you need to know about production. If you have a large veg garden you may want to know about the best annuals to grow among the veg for picking.If you are a gardener you just want to extend your range so you can pick for the house from your garden. I am enjoying hellebores in the vase and in the garden, winter honeysuckle, winter cherry, mahonia, crocus, snowdrops, paperwhites, myrtle, eucalpytus, osmanthus, rosehips, iris...... a garden doesn't stop giving.

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