Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I can no longer pretend it's not happening

 A good day yesterday, getting stuck in to digging and shifting.  It does all seem a bit monumental. I\m hoping for a delivery of potato boxes today. I cannot imagine when anything will get into the ground the other end as I have hardly started clearing ground. Wonderful George has been maintaining the lawns and hedges beautifully the other end for decades one day a week. He doesn't usually laugh much. When I scratched my head and said I was freaking out about where on earth I was going to put plants he said "Well how many have you actually got?" "Three acres" I say, I have never seen him with tears almost streaming down his face in laughter before! I did reassure him they are not all coming with me.......

Annie started digging up the new roses, potting them up so they can stay in pots for however long it takes

Maz and Steve on the barrows and bags 
Clearing all plants from beds the other end

My secret weapon the other end, George who is better than any tractor, though a bit surprised to be digging up the lawns he has maintained one day a week for 30 years........

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