Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rumours and realities

Help! There are rumours about that I am giving up growing flowers. Exaggerated I'm afraid. But I may be moving... which means digging up thousands of plants and relocating them to a different soil, different climate, different area..... and starting again with a new uncultivated field and garden.

It's at that desperately scarey stage when I don't know if it's all happening or not, as nothing is yet signed in any direction, which is why I haven't really mentioned it. I never meant to move, I have spent oodles of energy and money here including building my perfect packing shed this year and buying more land, and I had intended to stay for as long as I could imagine, but one never knows quite what is round the corner. Circumstances meant I had to throw everything up in the air and see what landed, and currently it looks as though a big move is on the cards. I had even thought of selling the business and someone was very keen but when it came down to it, I didn't want to. I love growing flowers. I love producing something beautiful from my own piece of ground. I love playing with it all.

Of course I don't love struggling with the elements, watching the weather and, this year, the slugs, but I guess that's just part of the job.

And I'm freaking out about how on earth to move the plants, especially when there is nothing waiting ready for them. But you never know what challenges are round the corner and it is almost the end of my flower season as the frosts are about to descend with relish, so there's a lot of digging and driving (3 hours each way)  to do. I aim to be up and running without too much of a glitsch for the new season next spring. Moving the house doesn't feel too challenging, that's just a matter of a lot of packing, moving the field is a whole other ask, but the prospective buyer is OK with me coming and going all winter when things are dormant. If anyone has any good ideas how I can turn another uncultivated area of weedy pasture into a perfect growing area in one fell swoop I long to hear from you! Some of the plants are destined for an existing garden, but I'm afraid the existing garden is about to be trashed with every plant dug up from every bed in order to make space for some of mine. It's tricky as the existing garden contains some lovely things, but none of them cuttable so I'm afraid they're destined for a big heap, I have to be ruthless but I'm not sure if I'm going to manage it.

And I'm prospectively moving from well composted and well worked soil to heavy bastard wet weedy clay...... but I'm sure all will be fine. My friends all smile and tell me it is all rather typical as I am happiest when i have another challenge, but this wasn't one I am expecting. But yes, I am rather excited by it all.

But it may not happen, and I may still be here next year. Who knows? All I know is that flowers will continue but if I move there may be some changes to the way I work at the earlier part of the year, but I am happy that all the commitments I have taken on for next year will definitely happen, and I hope all will flourish. As they say, watch this space......

I need to build a new shed (which won't be so posh as the one I have built here as cash will be strapped) and create acres of space. But i am confident it will all happen.

And if anyone would like to come and do some digging and clearing in return for some plants, you would be incredibly welcome, the first major dig-up is the weekend of 20th/21st, a fortnight away...... just get in touch.  Raise a glass to the next stage!

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