Saturday, 20 October 2012

To wrest or wrench or heft

You could almost hear some of the largest perennials shouting as we wrested them out of the ground. Or should that be wrenched. Or hefted.  They might have been shouting for joy as their confined roots hit a wider world. Or maybe just complaining. Thanks so much Esther for coming over just to help, and for sticking with it even though I hadn't managed to contact you to say I was waiting a fortnight. You were brilliant and I really enjoyed your company. Good luck with your plans for moving too.

It was a beautiful day. It would in fact have been perfect to have stuck with my original plans for getting digging. but I was so thrown yesterday when my solicitor implied that the woman who had wanted to buy this house suddenly decided on the day we were meant to exchange contracts that she had possibly had second thoughts. That maybe this is not the place she wants to spend the rest of her life after all......But hopefully it will just be a massive last minute wobble, and anyway what happens is meant to be. And today everywhere was looking completely beautiful. Lots of flowers still standing, all bathed in a  golden glow. So much so that Tammy and James' young children, Lucy and Joe (buying perennials for Tammy's cut flower enterprise in Herefordshire), stripped off almost to nothing and were running about like two little pink cherubs. Cherubs with goosepimples.

Let's hope the weather will be kind in a fortnight so we can get a mass of plants moving.

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