Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lack of imagination

A certain company not a million miles from me has just launched a new website, taking their cut flower business out of their main mail order business so it seems to be a completely separate company not associated with their main business. It is hard not to notice certain similarities to what I do!

First I had the Jigsaw contract supplying flowers to all their shops. It didn't work for me after a while as I grow my own flopwers rather than relying on buying in other people's, and as I want to send out a really good variety, and it was actually too tricky getting the volume just right at all times, plus I needed cashflow rather than waiting more than 90 days for payment. So I backed out. These people buy almost all of their flowers in and are a large mail order business. I saw their flowers in Jigsaw recently, 4 sedums and a few asters....
I started selling sprigged jugs for flowers. These people are suddenly selling EXACTLY the same jugs on their website. I packaged in moss..... I was the first to do mail order wedding flowers.....

Well good luck to them of course, but why not go for some originality rather than feeling the necessity to copy others, especially when you are actually quite a big business.

And, I don't know how they can send out flowers mail order that they have bought in from other growers or via the local wholesalers, as this means the flowers they are sending out are already at least two days old before they start bunching them, so at least three or four days old before they are sent out to customers. How does this work?

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